Ariadne Smart Door Lock

Halius Ariadne Smart door lock system with high security feature. A smart lock with multiple ways for access and can communicate with your home devices. Utilizes an independent encryption safety zone and a new type finger print acquisition device. It not only enhances the security performance of the door lock but also improves user experience and guarantees user privacy security.

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Halius  Ariadne smart door lock with multiple acces methode. Highly encripted data trasmissions and anti-theft body design. Stand alone working with battery. Microphone and Speaker integrated. Micro USB emergency power interface. Fingerprint, password, NFC card and emergency key for unlock.

* Multiple access.
* Anti-theft lock case.
* Detect break-in and entrance attempts.
* Fingerprint, password, NFC card, emergency key.
* Super-B anti-theft lock case.
* Cryptographic Function.
* Micro USB emergency power interface.
* Integrated Microphone and speaker.

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