The Avolites Tiger Touch 2 is the ultimate lighting controller for professional use. The device has a user-friendly interface and supports DMX, MIDI and Art-Net. With the Tiger Touch 2 you can create a wide variety of lighting and effects, from basic lighting to advanced cues. The controller offers an easy way to program, with many built-in tools and functions, such as a built-in media server for video and audio. Ideal for clubs, concerts, festivals and other events where professional lighting plays an important role. The ‘playback’ section is placed below the touchscreen, consisting of 10 faders with add/flash and swap/solo buttons. In addition, you will find three turning wheels for easy positioning of moving light. The right side of the console is completely decorated in the style of the well-known Avolites Pearl. Anyone who has ever worked with a Pearl will therefore also be able to handle the Tiger Touch II very well. With 12 full speed artnet universes and 4 DMX 512 outputs, you have enough outputs to control a mature light show.

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The Avolites Tiger Touch 2 is a professional lighting controller with a user-friendly interface. The device supports DMX, MIDI and Art-Net and offers a wide range of lighting and effects options. Ideal for clubs, concerts, festivals and other events. With bright screen, increased processing power, and faster graphics engine, the Tiger Touch II is the most specified Titan console.

* Represents the perfect combination of power and portability.
* Small and light enough to fly in standard hold luggage.
* SMPTE timecode support and a redesigned button layout to match the entire Titan range.
* Extensive DMX light table.
* 15.6 inch touchscreen.
* Titan control system.
* stage visualizer*
* internal hard disk with space for 50,000 shows.
* USB port on the front.
* shows compatible with all Titan consoles.
* 10 playback faders with programmable functions.
* 4 DMX 512 outputs (5 pin).
* 2 ARTnet universes.
* MIDI input.
* Audio input.
* Integrated VIDEO media server capabilities.
* Fast live control.
* Unique Avolites Quicksketch capabilities.
* Numeric keypad.
* Dimensions: 750 x 610 x 300 mm
* Weight: 30 kg

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