Lysander 7” Smart Touch Panel

Halius Lysander Smart touch panel with built in gateay provide full control of device from single touch panel. Supports one-key pairing, UI style switching, weather details checking, smart home devices control, smart scenes control, etc. The simple operation and elegant UI are easy to use and user friendly operations. Trigger scenes with a tap, Even if the Internet is interrupted, device control and device linkage can still work normally in the LAN. Smart Home Devices Management and Control.

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Lysander Smart 7-inch touch panel with four hardware key with smart gate way for different device access. High definition touch screen, Customize menu and reconfiguration options. Works as a gateway, built-in speaker, AF coating, PoE power supply, Android 11 OS to ensure low-power and stable operation. Supports multiple protocols including CoSS, Zigbee, Wi-Fi.

* 7-inch High definition touch screen.
* Custom Menu..
* PoE Power supply.
* 7-inch HD touch screen.
* Custom physical buttons to switch scenes.
* Gate way inbuilt
* Inbuilt Speaker.
* Android 11 OS.
* CoSS, Zigbee, Wi-Fi protocol .
* Application control.
* Voice Control Alaxa and Google assistant.

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