Metalona Smart Swich

Halius Metalona smart switch which make the pressing experience better. Metallic aluminum and anodic oxidation process make luxury appearence.y smart switches helps to replace your traditional switch to the smart one and make the devices freely controlled.  Combined with the Smart Hub and Smart Application can have infinite control possibilities. In addition to traditional switch control of your lights and switched outlets can choose combination controls over all of smart Home products. The decorative LED indicator makes elegant look.

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Halius Lucas Smart switch with one gang, two gang and three gang options. Live and Neutral wiring required, Wireless communications integrated. Maximum load resistive load 500W per channel, capacitive/inductive load 200W/channel. Easy installation and handling, Elegant look, Apple home kit, Google assistant and Amazon alaxa voice control support. The metal panel is cast by CNC, sandblasting  process. User can custom color and light effect of the LED to indicate different status of switches. The CoSS transmission technology  support  long transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability, completely solve the problem of wireless signals being shielded by metal. Borderless design to make the smart switch and wall fit perfectly, shaping the new concept of space aesthetics.

* Borderless Design.
* Metal Button.
* High Rigidity.
* Elegant look.
* 1,2,3 Gang options available.
* Voice control support.
* L,N power connection.
* Wireless communication for smart devices.
* Support Resistive, Capacitive and inductive load.
* CoSS™ Technology.
* DIY LED indicator light.

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