Nico Smart Curtain Motor

Halius Nico smart curtain motor help to turn your traditional curtains in to smart ones. support voice control. Precise movement and stop make more flexibility in operations. Rigid and reliable construction makes long lasting working. Easy installations and maintenance. One tap control for full curtain system. High load capacity moter ensure big curtain system working.

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Halius Nico smart curtain motor with voice control. Aircraft aluminium body material makes its rigid, High grade motor mechanism ensure quality working and life. Multiple interface and CoSS radio protocol for better and reliable Wi-Fi communications. High load capacity. White finish.

* One tap to control the whole shading system.
* Scheduled task.
* Accurate control by percentage.
* Voice control-Amazon Alaxa and Apple homekit.
* Rigid and reliable constructions.
* Precise movement and stop ensure flexible working.
* High Load capacity motor.

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