Fan coil controller for up to 2 units of 2-pipes fan coil. It includes a module with 20 logical functions and allows manual control of the outputs with status indication through LEDs. Output timing facilities, Total data saving on power failure, Size 90 x 67 x 79 mm (4.5 DIN units), DIN rail mounting (EN 50022), through pressure. No external power supply required other than the bus. Integrated KNX BCU. Possibility to connect different phases.

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MAXinBOX FANCOIL 4CH2P and MAXinBOX FANCOIL 2CH2P from Zennio are KNX actuators aimed at covering the climate control needs in KNX environments with twopipe fan coil units where both the fan speed and the opening of the water pipe valves are controlled by relays. Model 4CH2P provides 16 relay outputs while model 2CH2P incorporates 8 relay outputs, which makes them capable of controlling, respectively, up to 4 and up to 2 two-tube fan coil units through three relays for the fan speed selection, and a fourth one for the valve control.

16 or 8 relay outputs to control up to four or up to two two-pipe fan coil units.
20 customisable, multi-operation logic functions.
Scene-triggered action control, with an optional delay in the execution.
Manual operation / supervision of the relay outputs through theon-board pushbuttons and LEDs.

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