Zennio Shutter actuator for DIN-rail (4.5 units) It includes a module with 20 logical functions and allows manual control of the outputs with status indication through LEDs. Accessories: AC/DC shutter adapters.Possibility of connecting different phases in adjacent outputs.DIN rail mounting according to IEC 60715 TH35, with fixing clamp. Total data saving on KNX bus failure. Manual output operation with push button and LED status indicator. 20 logic functions.

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MAXinBOX SHUTTER 4CH v2 and MAXinBOX SHUTTER 8CH v2 from Zennio are KNX specific actuators (of 4 or 8 channels, respectively) for controlling motorised shutter / blind systems. Conformity with the CE, UKCA, RCM directives (marks on the right side). Integrated KNX BCU (TP1-256).Dimensions 67 x 90 x 79 mm (4.5 DIN units).

8 / 16 relay outputs, configurable as up to 4 / 8 independent shutter channels (with or without slats).
20 customisable, multi-operation logic functions.
Scene-triggered action control, with an optional delay in the execution.
Manual operation / supervision of the shutter channels through the onboard pushbuttons and LEDs.
Heartbeat or periodic “still-alive” notification.
Relay Switches Counter.

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