Zennio Square TMD

Square TMD is a capacitive switch with 1, 2, 4 or 6 multifunction buttons. Square TMD is a KNX switch with capacitive buttons that satisfies the design requirements of any project thanks to its total customization: everyone can create unique compositions, which could include images, icons, texts or logos. This customization is printed on a high-strength tempered glass with a polycarbonate frame to finish off the author’s work. Square TMD 1, 2, 4 or 6 allows selecting the function for each button and also includes thermostat function, internal temperature probe and two analog/digital inputs.

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Zennio Capacitive push button Square Touch-MyDesign with temperature probe.Square TMD is an evolution of Touch-Mydesign Plus, the KNX multifunction capacitive touch switch from Zennio. While it aims at covering similar functional requirements, Square TMD is offered at a smaller size, with either one, two, four or six capacitive touch buttons (according to the user’s needs) together with LED indicators to confirm the press of the buttons as well as showing states. Square TMD is a fully customisable solution for the room control, including hotel rooms, offices or any other environment where the user needs to control climate systems, lighting, blinds, scenes, etc. The versatility of the above functions is enhanced by the built-in analogue/digital inputs, the internal temperature sensor and the thermostat function, as well as an elegant and fully customisable design of the front glass – customers can choose their button icons, texts and colours and even personalise the background with their pictures, logos, etc.

Fully customisable design of the front glass.
1 / 2 / 4 / 6 touch buttons, which can operate as individual or pair controls:
Pair button functions: numeric counter, light dimmer, shutter controller, temperature setpoint, etc.
Individual button functions: binary switch, hold & release, scenes, light dimmer, shutter controller, numeric constants, etc.
Horizontally or vertically-oriented configuration (only available for the two-button and six-button models).
Light indicator (LED) for every button, the state of which (on or off) can depend on different factors according to the user’s needs.
Buzzer for an audible acknowledgement of user actions (with the possibility of disabling it either by parameter or by object).
Possibility of locking / unlocking the touch panel through binary orders or scenes.
Welcome Back object (binary or scene) which is sent to the KNX bus when a pulsation is detected after a certain period (configurable) of intactivity.
Two analogue/digital inputs (for motion detectors, temperature probes, additional switches, etc.).
Thermostat function.
Built-in temperature sensor.

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