Zennio MAXinBOX FC 0-10V FAN

Controller for up to two 2-pipes or 4-pipes fan coil units with on/off valves and 0-10 V fan speed control signal. Mounted on DIN-rails (4.5 units). 4 multifunction outputs (16 A C-Load) that can be used for the control of the fan coil on/off valves or any other purpose. 4 analog-digital multifunction inputs that can be configured as binary inputs for sensors and potential-free push buttons, as temperature probe inputs or as motion sensor inputs. It also includes 2 thermostats and 10 logical functions. Manual control of outputs and status indication through LEDs. Accessories: temperature probe and motion sensor.

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MAXinBOX FC 0-10V FAN from Zennio is a versatile KNX multi-function actuator that aims at fulfilling the climate control needs of KNX environments with integrated fan coil units where the fan speed is controlled through an analogue 0-10 VDC signal, while the gates of the water pipes need to be controlled through binary outputs (relays). The actuator provides two analogue outputs and four binary outputs, all of which can be enabled and configured independently, which lets the integrator combine themas desired to control up to 2 two-pipe or four-pipe fan coil units.

2 independent analogue 0-10 VDC outputs,
4 independent binary (relay) outputs,
2 independent fan coil functions, to control up to two fan coil units by means of the above analogue and binary outputs.
4 multi-purpose inputs, each of them configurable as: Temperature probe, Binary input (i.e., pushbuttons, switches, sensors), Motion detector.
10 customisable, multi-operation logic functions.
2 independent thermostats.
Manual operation / supervision of the relay outputs and the 0-10 VDC signals through the on-board pushbuttons and LEDs.
Master light control for and easy, out-of-the-box control of a set of luminaires (or functionally equivalent devices) one of which acts as a generallamp and the others as secondary lamps.
Heartbeat or periodical “still-alive” notification.

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