Zennio Presentia W0/W1/W2 v2

Motion detector for in-wall flush mounting into 55 x 55 mm frame with no button (Presentia W0 v2), one (Presentia W1 v2) or two (Presentia W2 v2) buttons with customisable backlit icons. Fitting with Tecla 55, Flat 55 family and Zennio ZS55 frames, switches and sockets. Detection area of 180º and up to 10 meters length of detection. It includes several channels to be configured for lighting switching control according to luminosity threshold or according to motion detection only. It has two independent sensors whose sensitivity settings can be adjusted for each sensor individually. Master/slave configuration allows using several detectors for larger areas. Installation in standard mounting box with 55 x 55 frames of 1/2/3/4 module (white, anthracite or silver). Frame not included.

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Presentia W v2 from Zennio is a device that aims at, among other functions, the motion detection, the measurement and control of the room luminosity and the detection of occupancy within the room where it has been installed. Depending on the version, up to 2 push buttons are available. It has been designed for wall mounting by means of the bundled accessories.

3 possible Device Version: without push buttons, called Presentia W0, with 1 push button, called Presentia W1, with 2 push buttons, called Presentia W2.
3 available colours, white, black and silver (lens are only available in white or black).
2 sensors with configurable sensitivities.
1 LED to indicate motion.
Motion detection: 6 motion detection channels. Luminosity-dependent motion detection (optional), Periodic and delayed sendings (binary, scene, HVAC, percentage).
Occupancy detection: 1x occupancy detection channel, Master / slave configuration, Trigger upon door opening or closing. Periodic and delayed sendings (binary, scene, HVAC, percentage).
Luminosity measurement: Periodic sending or upon value change. Sending of luminosity-dependent notifications.
Day / night configuration.
10 customisable, multi-operation logic functions.
Heartbeat or periodic “still alive” notification.

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