Zennio DALIBOX Broadcast 6CH

Zennio KNX-DALI Broadcast interface for DIN-rail (4.5 units) to control up to 6 channels of up to 20 DALI ballasts with broadcast commands and with up to 10 configurable scenes/sequences for each channel. It allows manual control and status indicator LEDs for each channel. DALIBOX Broadcast 6CH connects to the KNX bus through the on-board KNX connector. Once the device is provided with power from the KNX bus, both the individual address and the associated application program can be downloaded.

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KNX-DALI Broadcast Interface for up to 6 channels with up to 20 ballasts each.DALIBOX Broadcast 6CH and DALIBOX Broadcast 4CH are the KNX-DALI broadcast gateways from Zennio. Featuring six and four DALI channels respectively, they are intended for interconnection of the KNX and DALI buses, thus making it possible to send broadcast control messages (i.e., addressed to all ballasts that may be present) through the output channels, as well as to monitor the DALI installation.

General ballast control through universal DALI.
Support for up to 20 ballasts per channel, and therefore up to 120 ballasts (6CH model) or up to 80 ballasts (4CH model) in total.
110V or 230V power supply.
Ballast swap with automatic address re-assignment.
Light regulation with customisable dimming limits and times, or by manually characterising the dimming curve.
Lock function.
Timed actions: simple timers, flashing sequences and automatic switch-off.
Scenes and sequences,
Custom On/Off controls,
Standby Mode to help save power consumption in the ballasts by controlling the power supply to the output channels.
Error detection and notification: short circuit, overconsumption, power failure, open circuit, ballast error and lamp failure.
Support for the Burn-in mode, required by certain lamps during the switch-on in order to ensure an optimal life period.
Manual control through the on-board pushbuttons and LEDs.
Heartbeat or periodical “still-alive” notification.

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