Zennio Tecla XL X4/X6/X8/X10

Polycarbonate capacitive touch switches with customisable icons. 4, 6, 8 or 10 button versions all available with backlit icons that adapt according to ambient luminosity and proximity sensor. It incorporates an internal temperature probe and thermostat. Installation in European, British, Italian, Australian and American back boxes.

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Zennio Backlit capacitive touch switch.Tecla XL is a KNX multifunction capacitive touch switch from Zennio with proximity sensor, luminosity sensor and backlighted buttons. They are offered at a reduced weight, with four, six, eight or ten capacitive touch buttons (according to the user’s needs) with LED backlight to confirm the press of the buttons as well as showing states.

Tecla XL is a fully customisable solution for the control of rooms where user control of air conditioning systems, lighting, blinds, scenes, etc. is required.
The versatility offered by the functionality of buttons is complemented by an internal temperature sensor and a thermostat function, as well as an elegant design with fully customisable backlit icons.
Fully customisable backlit icons.
4 / 6 / 8 / 10 touch buttons, which can operate as individual or pair controls:
Horizontally or vertically-oriented configuration.
Light indicator (LED) for every button.
Buzzer for an audible acknowledgement of user actions (with the possibility of disabling it either by parameter or by object).
Possibility of locking / unlocking the touch panel through binary orders or scenes.
Welcome Back object (binary or scene) which is sent to the KNX bus when a pulsation is detected after a certain period (configurable) of inactivity.
Built-in temperature sensor.
Ambient luminosity sensor for brightness automatic adjustment.
Proximity sensor for quick start.
Thermostat function.
Heartbeat or periodical “still-alive” notification.

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