Zennio Z35v2

Capacitive touch panel with a backlit 3.5” display, proximity sensor, internal temperature probe, internal humidity sensor and thermostats for two independent areas. It is able to contain up to 56 controls/indicators, distributed in up to 7 pages with a navigation menu. A screensaver with date, time and/or temperature is set when the touch panel is not in use and the menu is shown automatically when the user approaches thanks to the proximity sensor.

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Zennio Capacitive touch panel with a 3.5” display and humidity Probe.

Z35 v2 is an easily and intuitively controllable high-performance touch screens from Zennio. The built-in features and functions make them the ideal solution for integral room control in hotels, offices or any other environments where controlling climate systems, lighting systems, shutters, scenes, etc. is required. In addition, it incorporates 4 analog-digital inputs that may be configured as binary inputs for sensors and potential-free push buttons, as temperature probe inputs or as motion sensor inputs. Available in White, Anthracite, Silver and Gloss White. Accessories: temperature probe, motion sensor. Its brightness is regulated by the ambient luminosity sensor included.

3.5 inch (3.5’’) backlit capacitive touch panel with backlit ‘Home’ button incorporated, with screen resolution of 320 x 240 pixel.
Multiple direct-action functions, fully customisable.
Control distribution across up to 7 customisable pages + 1 configuration page.
Customised icons.
Full climate management.
Programmable timers.
Scene control.
Alarm control.
Screensaver with customizable image.
Direct links to other pages.
2 independent thermostats.
Built-in temperature sensor.
Humidity Sensor.
Ambient luminosity sensor for brightness automatic adjustment.
Proximity sensor for quick start.
Buzzer for an audible acknowledgement of user actions (with the possibility of disabling it either by parameter or by object).
Possibility of locking / unlocking the touch panel through binary orders orscenes, and of setting a timed/automatic locking of the device (cleaning function).
Pop-ups and Welcome Back object (binary or scene).
Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales for the on-screen indicators, being possible to select them in parameters or through communication object.
4 customisable analogue-digital inputs.
Heartbeat or periodic “still-alive” notification.
Elegant design, available in various colours.

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