Chloe Smart Sensor

Halius Chloe smart  two in one sensor with precise control of light level and off based on humen motion detection and room ambient light level. Low  stand by power consumption, highly accurate motion detection and light level adjusting. Wall mounting  . Application for easy configurations and settings.

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Halius Chloe dimmer and motion sensor switch, based on CoSS communication protocol, integrates light control and motion detection into one device. It triggers light ON/OFF by detecting motion and illuminance. Multi function with high accuracy in dtections. Precise brightness level adjusting with illuminations and motion status.
* Multiple ways of lighting adjustment.
* Automatically switch on and off by human motion detection.
* Precise brightness control by percentage.
* Highly reliability and stebility.
* Easy mounting and maintenance.
* Work with Amazon Alaxa and Google assistant.

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